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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Beach House Dinner Party Theme Do You Love?

A beach party theme is always tres chic in the art of fine dinning. A simple yet elegant touch of nature can set a tone for a beach house diner party. We placed Coconut Bark between a charger and leaf shape plate and established an organic, ocean and beach theme. Dinner guest are intrigued by the touch of nature and we often find it sets the tone for worldly travel stories by guests. We suggest putting on background music by dreamy indie-pop duo Beach House.

If you do not have a coconut tree near by, you can order it from Coconut Crafting to this sophisticated while casual beach house dinner party.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Beautiful Beach House Find- English Beach House for Sale

Redlap House a Devon England Beach House for Sale

Microclimate: owner Sandy Conner at Drake's Lookout; (above, from left) Redlap Cove; Redlap House; and the garden.

Beach house life: aerial view of Redlap House (left); the barn room (top); and the garden study.

(photo credits Jay Williams

This beautiful beach house find, is a english beach house with private golden sand in Devon England which dates back to the 17th century and it is for sale. The beach house has nine bedrooms, a flower room, scullery, wine cellar, sewing room, nanny wing, mother-in-law's house and gardener's cottage. The home also has regency-style windows, airy rooms with wooden floors and is decorated in a beachcomber style with fresh paint colors, informal furnishings and an open fireplaces. A vaulted ceiling dining room, looks out on a traditional English style cobbled courtyard, with a gently trickling fountain. There is a priest's hole, a smuggler's tunnel, and a domed bedroom with a built-in mother-of-pearl cabinets. The Actor Cyril Maude lived at Redlap in the 1930s, playing host to poet John Masefield. Maude was responsible for planting a sub-tropical garden, and adding the large barn room with fireplace. Redlap is situated in a wooded bowl on the cliff tops, and enjoys its own balmy microclimate. The private beach at the end of the garden has lemons on the trees in April and in May the cliff path from the garden to the cove is a bright blue river of bluebells. Sea kale clings to the banks, shells gleam in the sand, and there are lobsters to be caught at high tide.

  • Redlap House is for sale at £5 million through Savills (020 7499 8644).

  • Friday, April 25, 2008

    Beach Casa Retailer Find in Santa Monica,CA

    Casa Allegra is a unique beach house find retailer, located at 2714 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA. This shop just one block from the beach, offer a variety of vintage and handmade gifts, books and imported furniture and antiques. We loved the Margareta glasses here are they are large, colorful and a basic tabletop must...for any fun beach house. You will ind brands like Vietri, Casa Collection, and Paleck at Casa Allegra all are fabulous finds for any beach house decor.

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    Where Do You Shop For A Beach House Find?

    The beach-house market has changed and prices are coming down, especially in America's vacation home capital of Florida.

    However people who can afford homes right on the beach are, for the most part, those least affected by the economic downturn. For example in the Hamptons-summer home to New York City's upper crust, you won't find many desperate sellers. East Hampton real estate client’s real estate is just so insignificant compared with their overall wealth.

    The starting price for a beach house on the beach in Cape Cod is closer to $8 million than $4 million. When it comes to a beach house real estate bargains generally aren't out there. A recent article in Fortune Magazine, Beach-house bargains, informs readers they might just be able to afford that condo by the sea. At Beach House Finds we are here to help you know where to shop.

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    About Beach House Finds

    We're a quick fix for beach house owners, renters and design addicts who enjoy fresh from the beach product and store reviews. We lean towards cottage + beach design, but also enjoy condo and modern styles, too.

    In addition to product and store reviews, we also feature a steady dose of American, Canadian, and European designer profiles, sale and budget finds, beautiful art, beach fashions, nautical goodies, and design tips from our staff of design consultants. You can browse our shopping list column to locate hot stores in your local hood. Beach House Finds is working to expand the list, so please stay tuned, and contact us Beach design enthusiasts!

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