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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where Do You Shop For A Beach House Find?

The beach-house market has changed and prices are coming down, especially in America's vacation home capital of Florida.

However people who can afford homes right on the beach are, for the most part, those least affected by the economic downturn. For example in the Hamptons-summer home to New York City's upper crust, you won't find many desperate sellers. East Hampton real estate client’s real estate is just so insignificant compared with their overall wealth.

The starting price for a beach house on the beach in Cape Cod is closer to $8 million than $4 million. When it comes to a beach house real estate bargains generally aren't out there. A recent article in Fortune Magazine, Beach-house bargains, informs readers they might just be able to afford that condo by the sea. At Beach House Finds we are here to help you know where to shop.

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