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Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's Up in The East Hamptons?

East Hampton businesses reported strong sales across the board as they assess summer and beach weekends. East Hampton merchants, innkeepers, and restaurant owners pleasantly are surprised by the summer activity.

Visitors are plentiful this summer season despite a sense of a faltering economy combined with high gasoline prices, merchant sales records are up around town.

People are firing up their grills for weekend barbeque's. The ultra chic London Jewelers on Main Street in East Hampton reported the store sales are good. Main Street, Kristina Klug, manager of Tiffany’s East Hampton branch, said the beach is in full swing again with sales being up with weddings being a big factor in the the selling and lot of hostess gifts are being purchased. Tiffany sell platters that look like fish, and also sells a lot of crystal candlesticks, vases and bowls. House guests like to bring a gift.” states Klug.

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