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Saturday, August 16, 2008

How to Vacation and Treasure Hunt at Your Beach House

Beach House Finds CELESTIAL BY THE SEA an oceanfront beach rent in Lincoln City, Oregon. The beach house find is a place to view the ocean, and it has views North to Cascade Head and South to the Salishan Spit. Oregon has exciting storms, blissful sunsets, moonlight beams and starlit nights. Lincoln City, is a favorite vacation destination in the Northwest and is located on the Central Oregon Coast. Imagine strolling down the coastline and stumbling upon a richly colorful hand blown glass float. Years ago, people would find treasures like these drifting ashore from places near and far. Today, most floats are made of other materials and are absent color all together; unless of course you visit Lincoln City, Oregon. In recent years, the city has revived this treasure hunt and now places glass floats on the beach for people to find and enjoy. These one of a kind floats are numbered and can be registered with the local Chamber of Commerce making them a truly special piece of memorabilia. Visit the beaches of Lincoln City and find a glass float to take home with you. Lincoln City is also known as the kite flying capital of the world, many travel great distances to participate in this beach goer tradition.

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