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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Do You Dream Of A Hawaii Tropical Romantic Getaway?

A beach house find, is the heavenly getaway to the cottages at The Inn at Mama’s Fish House, in Maui, Hawaii
located on Maui’s North Shore. “Old Polynesia” decor and a low-key atmosphere mark it as a throwback to an era when Hawaii meant tropical exoticism. Just miles down the road one can enjoy the bright sails of windsurfers swooping just off Hookipa Beach. Not to mention the pleasures of lounging on the sand in front of your cottage. And if one is staying at the Inn at Mama's Fish House insures you the pleasure of savoring the seafood at Mama’s Fish House Restaurant. Established by a family this top rated restaurant adds to the pleasure of your island getaway. Vision your soul mate and you eating fresh Polynesian, sipping exotic drinks, sunsets on the beach, and sleeping is utopia at this exotic location.

Rooms from $175 +

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