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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why American's Are Heading to Buenos Aires For 2010

Head to Buenos Aires in 2010 as it is a great year for Americans to travel to the Argentine capital, which celebrates its bicentennial next year.  With one of the most favorable exchange rate ever, pesos to the dollar means that, despite inflation, Buenos Aires is once again a super-affordable destinations. Buenos Aires is Latin America's hottest destination! With it's incredible food, fresh young designers, and a cultural scene that's thriving. Smart travelers will start planning now as starting January, it’s going to be a lot harder to get hotel and dinner reservation in Buenos Aire. 

Beach House Finds recommends the Alvear Palace Hotel, considered among Argentina’s top social circles to be the only hotel in Buenos Aires to stay.  Situated in the middle of Recoleta, this is old-school Buenos Aires at its finest. Alvear offers elegant restaurants, a luxurious health center within the spa, fitness center, and impecable service, so  it is no wonder it is the automatic choice for aristocrats, royalty and polo patrons. In Buenos Aires dinner starts at 9:30pm and the Alvear Palce offers the famous La Bourgogne, considered to be the best restaurant in Buenos Aires and the only Relais Gourmand in Latin America, La Bourgogne offers exquisite French cuisine.  After a night of tango return to the hotels Cigar Bar which is an intimate gourmand’s delight, offering havana cigars, the best chocolates in the world and exquisite liquors, this is  just one of the unique experiences at Alvear. 

Alvear Palace Reservations


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