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Friday, October 2, 2009

Why Not Head To The US Sailboat Capital?

October is the perfect time to travel to the Annapolis Boat Show, in Annapolis, Maryland. Here you you can let the Chesapeake Bay soothe your soul. Whether your attending the US Sailboat Show or the US Power Boat Show, Annapolis is filled with events, charm, family fun, and sightseeing. Take a power boat ride to St. Michael on the Maryland Eastern Shore, for a day of shopping and feasting on Maryland crabs. Catch a US Naval Academy Football game, walk the Capitals history filled cobble stone streets, filled with shops, taverns, restaurants, and the famous city docks where Annapolis is hosting the 40th US Sail Boat Show Oct. 8-12 and the US Power Boat Show Oct. 15-18. Even if you are not Yachtsman, Sailor, or Boater you will enjoy the nautical gifts, luxury items like Jaquar Cars, food, and fun at this famous local event. Some where in this extraordinary weekend book a spa treatment at Annapolis's top Salon & Spa, Morgan Gerard located at 101 Annapolis Street and take in some time for some local antiquing on Annapolis Street.

Thirty minutes from Washington, DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania the travel to Annapolis is always a delightful weekend. Annapolis has plenty of beach house finds and is a great investment in beach real estate. What other city has the prestige and title of the Sailing Capital of America? The Annapolis Bed and Breakfast Association has homes offering exceptional beauty as well as history. Annapolis is a town filled with history and is always a wonderful travel experience.

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Photo credit: US Yacht Shows

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